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  • Power supply voltage: VM = 15V max, VCC = 2.7--5.5V
  • Output current: Iout = 1.2A (average) / 3.2A (peak)
  • Standby control to save power
  • CW/CCW/short-brake/stop motor control modes
  • Built-in thermal shutdown circuit and a low-voltage detecting circuit
  • All pins of the TB6612FNG broken out to 0.1" spaced pins
  • Filtering capacitors on both supply lines


Signal Transmitter Board

  • Input Voltage: 3.3 ~ 5.5V
  • Output Voltage: 0 ~ 2.3V
  • Working Current: 3 ~ 6mA
  • TDS Measurement Range: 0 ~ 1000ppm
  • TDS Measurement Accuracy: ± 10% F.S. (25 ℃)
  • Module Size: 42 * 32mm
  • Module Interface: PH2.0-3P
  • Electrode Interface: XH2.54-2P

TDS probe

  • Number of Needles: 2
  • Total Length: 83cm
  • Connection Interface: XH2.54-2P
  • Color: Black
  • Other: Waterproof Probe
Unload current/Aless than 2.2A
Unloaded speed/rpm3850RPM
Rated torque/N·m0.80N.m
Rated speed/rpm3000-3200RPM
Rated current/Aless than 13.4A
Efficiency/%more than 78%
Light E.V./E-bike
Motor Weight
2.6 KG

  • Allows your robots to move in Omni-direction (back and forth, sideways and rotates at the same position).
  • Made of high‑quality ABS and rubber materials for smooth running and better gripping.
  • Compatible with TT motor.
  • Wide Vin range: 3V to 12V
  • Simple wiring
  • Wiring without breadboard
  • Direct connect to output without external components
  • Code using Arduino IDE
  • Use Blynk App for IoT
  • User manual is provided
  • Arduino code is provided
  • On-board I/O devices: Passive Buzzer, 4 x Programmer RGB lights
  • Servo Interface: 8 Channel Servo Ports
  • Protection Circuit: Reverse protection, low voltage protection, over current protection
  • Power Supply Interface: 18650 lithium battery socket, external 3-5VDC Power Supply Socket, USB micro B socket. 5V (Max:1A), 3.3V (Max:0.5A)
  • Motor Interface: 4-channel DC Motor (Voltage coming from the battery, current 1 to 3A), 2-channel stepper motor ports.
  • Expansion Interface: 17-pin expansion IO port, WiFi camera serial interface, I2C interface, 10 alligator clip interface.
  • Special socket: micro:bit gold finger socket.
  • This kit is able to attached multiple types of sensor.
  • External devices can be connect to USB port or relay.
  • Type-C cable or battery can be use for input power.
  • Non-programmable kit.
  • Size: 64 mm x 53 mm.
  • Buzzer is included with on/off switch.
  • Indicator Led included.
  • Self assembly